“For the Non Violent Person the whole world is one Family”

Tom and Mary-Anne lived in the suburbs out side London. Their mum used to drive them to school on her way to work. Their dad picked them up from school at the end of the day.

Every day it was the same, Mum dropping them off, Dad picking them up. One day Jemma and Jamie’s mum Jo who lived next door, came to ask if her children could go to school with Tom and Mary-Anne. She said her car had broken down and she couldn’t take them that day. Tom’s mum Sue immediately agreed.

“ Of course I’ll take them,” she said. “It will be no trouble at all. You know my husband brings them home? You’ve met him, haven’t you? His name is Pete.”

“Are you sure Pete won’t mind bringing my two home as well?” asked Jo.

“Why should he mind? I’m sure you would do the same for us, wouldn’t you Jo?” said Sue.

“Well, yes, of course,” Jo replied and then she started thinking. She wondered why she had not thought of this before. Why did the two families both drive the children in separate cars to school?

They would save a lot of time and petrol if they shared lifts. In fact if everybody tried to share lifts there wouldn’t be so many cars on the road and the traffic would move more quickly. She explained all this to her husband Mike as they sat in the waiting room at the garage while their car was being fixed.

Mike looked at Jo with a smile and said, “Well, we never shared lifts before because you said it might cause trouble or arguments. You said you thought it was best to do everything for yourself. I didn’t argue with you but I didn’t agree either. I think people should share. It’s fun sharing.”

Tom and Mary-Anne, and Jemma and Jamie agreed. When they started to share lifts, they often stayed and played at each other’s houses. They shared meals and games and their parents shared childminders too. They had sleepovers and they even shared grandparents. Jemma and Jamie’s grandparents lived in Jamaica, but Tom and Mary-Anne’s lived just down the road. It was good to hear Grandma’s stories about the old days and to eat her home-made biscuits. Grandad helped the boys to make things out of wood using tools from his shed.

“I’m glad your car broke down that day,” said Tom to Jamie. We’re like one big family now, aren’t we? And it’s much more fun for all of us!”


Does this story remind you of anything in your life?

Is there anything that you share with friends or neighbours? 

How does it make you feel when you share something?

How do you feel when someone shares something with you?