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You may just be looking for links to my Great Little Yoga Stories Book, so here they are upfront!

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About the book:

About the book:

Do you want to learn more about the world of yoga?

Fancy finding new stories that will help enrich your life and show you how to help others?

Want to share uplifting and wholesome stories with friends and loved ones? 

The Great Little Book of Yoga Stories, Book 1 might just be for you. It is filled with original short stories about the life of Guru Guptananda.

With illustrations to accompany each story, the book is designed to help readers familiarise themselves with the rules of life (Yamas and Niyamas) when it comes to yoga and the art of living life well. Ideal for both children and adults, as well being popular with those wanting to learn English, ‘The Great Little Book of Yoga Stories’ is perfect for encouraging readers to view the world with an open and forgiving heart.