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Learning human values through stories for children and adults.

Contents list No 2 most recent stories

Paddy starts school with a cold potato in his pocket. A story for school starters of 5 years old


Sal wants a new mouse – a story to educate children about marriage between people of different races, for kids of 5- 10 years old.


Wu and the journey. A story for 9 to 11 year olds, about integrity


Monkey Story 2 ‘The Visitors Arrive’, for kids of 6 to 8 years.  Dealing with ‘difference’


Monkey Story 1, for kids of 6 to 8 years.The Monkey Code, about kindness and consideration to newcomers. Story 1 for kids of 6 to 8 years old


The refugee situation – a story to think about


‘Poochie’ A dog story about keeping calm and not panicking, for children of 5-6 years old. 337 words, 2 -3 minutes to read

Young girl dies after taking ‘teddies’. A story about taking drugs for 11yrs to teenage.


Bozo talks about throwing balls indoors. A story for little kids


Should Emma put photos on her phone and share them? for children of 10 plus


Sharon and the chat room – it was not what she hoped for (for children of ten plus)


Mummy goes to hospital and Chloe is upset . A helpful story for -little-children  


Empathy in Ireland, two boys save the lives of kids who are ‘on the other side’


Dr McPuffin’s Rhyme about washing hands, when to do it. For little children.  Too much handwashing .. anxiety, OCD


The Upside-down Cake, A story about kindness and empathy for children of 5 to 8 years  


Story about the autistic boy and the puppies for special needs and 10 years plus


Story about avoiding horror stories/ films/TV shows  for 10 years to teenage


The animal on the mountain.  A story for little kids about not keeping wild animals as pets


Should Marcy be the boss?  A story about character development for children of 9 to 13 years old   


 A Family Separated by Distance and Mistaken Ideas (for adults and children of 12 plus) 


The Unhappy Weeping Willow Tree ( A story for young girls, 8 to 12 yrs to combat the trend of dissatisfaction with looks, photoshopping, skinny models


 A story about ‘Changes’ for 9-10yrs (Dotty has to leave her home)


Bullying in the Workplace. A therapeutic story to help victims of bullying for adults 


 The Dangers of Telling Half Truths (story to illustrate a common problem amongst young people today) 


A day in the life of Sydney the cat ( About chocolate poisoning) Story for little kids and families with cats 


The Story of YY the Bear, a fun story for little Kids about Goals


Helping on the Farm A story about rights and responsibilities for special needs students at school and college 


For a young man who would like to have a girlfriend (for young adults) 


Spiritual Advice on Ethical Investment from a city gent in 1800s England  for adults


Story about sexual exploitation of a young girl ‘Sasha Escapes’ for children of 10 to 17 years


 Meercat Story- ‘knowing right from wrong’- respect for animals – for age 6-10 years 

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  1. I am very pleased to have finished the contents list today! I just couldn’t work out how to do it after WordPress changed the system. It is much easier now I have discovered. Thank you WORDPRESS!


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