Yoga Stories

Learning human values through stories for children and adults.


Winter 2022   I am completing Book 2 right now.  When it is ready and published I will have a book launch, which I will publicise on this, my book and stories blog. An audio book will be available for Book 2

The first event was my Book Launch, the date was Saturday, 30th November 2019  in the Church Rooms, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, UK

The books will both be sold on Amazon as a paperback and an ebook. Currently, Aug 2020,  Book 1 is available.  Please visit my home page for a link to Amazon, and from Barnes and Noble online


If you would like to host a book signing event and you are in Cornwall, UK, where I live, please contact me via email

I can gives talks at Yoga Centres, if there is enough interest, and not too far away!

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