Snuggles was brown and white. Beth loved him a lot. When she held him on her chest, he always tried to snuggle under her arm – that’s how he got his name.

Beth loves to cuddle Snuggles

Beth had a baby brother called Zac who used to cry a lot and who needed to be fed many times in a day. Beth got cross when she heard him crying and she wished he would keep quiet.

One day she asked her Mum why she didn’t just put a feeding tube in Zac’s mouth and tie Zac and the bottle to her chest. Then she could carry Zac around all day while she worked and he could suck on the tube anytime he wanted to. Then he wouldn’t keep crying all the time.

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that,” said Beth’s Mum. “That wouldn’t be fair on me, I’d get too tired, carrying Zac around all day long. And it wouldn’t be fair on Zac because he couldn’t sleep if I were playing with you, or doing the washing up. You might like it, I suppose, because you wouldn’t have to listen to him crying several times a day. But it wouldn’t be fair on us.”

“I don’t care,” said Beth.

“I see. All right then, think about this.  I don’t like cleaning Snuggles cage, so we’ll get rid of his cage and you can carry him around all day, under your arm. Have him all day long, even when you go out to play, and when you are having your tea as well, then I’ll think about carrying Zac around all day.”

Beth frowned. “No, I don’t think so, Mum. He might get dropped, or he might pee on my jumper. Or I might lose him outside. I couldn’t go on the swings with him under my arm, could I? It wouldn’t be fair if you took his cage away. It wouldn’t be fair on Snuggles, or me. You won’t, will you?”

“Ah ha! So now do you think it would be fair if I carried Zac around all day and fed him through a tube?”

“No Mum,” said Beth giggling. “It wouldn’t be fair!”


Did the story remind you about things being fair or not in your life?

When you play with your friends do you try to make it fair for everyone if you can?

How could you do that?

Do you think life should be fair all the time? Is it?

When you think something is unfair and there is nothing to be done about it, what is the best way to look at it?

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