Right Conduct- Good relationships within the family. Story for 9-11year olds


My name is Ida. Nigeria is my home. I have a large family. I am a grandmother of ten children . Myself, I had four children, three boys and a girl. Now they have all grown up and have families of their own. My family still lives nearby. I look after the kids when they go out to work. I like it that way.

Every morning my two sons bring their kids to my home. The kids stay with me during he day. I look after four children every day. My sons give me money to buy food, otherwise I could not feed them. If we had enough money we would send the kids to school, but we cannot afford to send all of them. The boys can go, but the girls cannot. It is a pity because if the girls could learn to read and write, maybe they could get good jobs and have nice houses.

I decided I would try to teach them everything I know, even if I cannot teach them to read and write. I have taught them how to keep themselves clean and how to keep the house and the yard tidy. They know what to do with rubbish and how to re-use everything that can be re-used.

They know how to grow maize and green vegetables and how to make maize meal porridge. The big girls know how to help the little ones. They have learnt songs from me which they teach the babies. They know all the names of the good insects and the bad ones. They know what stings and bites and what kills the pests on our crops.

I think I am teaching them useful things. They will know how to live well and survive even if, like me, they can’t read or write. I have taught them how to watch and wait, rather than to cry and shout and be impatient, like many children do, and when the work is done we play games and enjoy ourselves.

Sometimes they sit beside me and ask for stories about Old Anansi, the spider. They enjoy my stories, and my stories help them to understand the world.

Do you know any stories like that?


  1. What did you think of when you heard this story?
  2. Do you think the children love their Grandma Ida? Why?
  3. How could they show their love and respect for her?
  4. Who in your family teaches you things?
  5. How do you help at home?
  6. If you were in charge of your family how would you fairly divide up the jobs to be done between family members?
  7. What kinds of things can we learn at home?