Seeing the world as a reflection of yourself, (a story requested by Dinesh, a reader)  A recent trend in Spirituality.

Amygdala’s journey

There was once a child called Amygdala. Her beautiful flaxen hair flowed around her head. Her family thought she must be the loveliest creature ever to have been born. They brought her up to expect everything to be perfect in her world. The family was wealthy. Nothing was beyond their reach. The child had clothes and later jewels fit for a princess. Her room was furnished in silks and beautifully carved golden furniture. Large goldfish swam in her pond in the extensive gardens. Roses bloomed from early spring until late autumn and in winter even the snow and icicles took on a perfect appearance.
Amygdala however was not satisfied. Something was missing in her life.
“Father, I cannot be happy here anymore. I must go out into the world and find what it is that I need.”
“But my dear, you have everything you could need. You have a loving family and a beautiful home. You are well educated, you speak many languages. You have learnt all about history and geography from your tutors. Your life is as complete and well

rounded as it could possibly be for a young woman of your age.”
“Father I know that what you say is true in many ways, however something is missing and I don’t know what it is. I must go out into the world and truly experience these things, people and places that I have learnt about. I know I have more to learn but I do not know what it will be.”
“Very well my child, you may go, but not alone. Your brother Arturo will go with you. He will protect you while you discover something of the world. It can be a dangerous place but Arturo is an accomplished swordsman and will stay by your side.”
Amygdala and Arturo set off on their horses and after a day of travelling they sought somewhere to rest. They knocked at the door of an old cottage at the edge of the forest. An old man bent double with age opened the door. He offered them his room for the night. Arturo slept on a rug on the floor and his sister slept in the narrow cot. She was so tired that sleep came fast. She dreamt that she was in a beautiful palace and that the old man was king. When she awoke she was surprised to find herself in the little cot. The old man gave them a simple meal and sent them on their way. Kindness shone from his eyes. As the days passed Amygdala and Arturo stayed in many different places. All were kind and welcoming to them. Some were curious and asked the pair why they were travelling as they clearly had no idea about where they were going.
“We want to see something more of the world,” was Amygdala’s reply.
“And what do you think about what you have seen?” they would ask.
“I see kindness and beauty wherever we go,” she would say.
One day they crossed a wide river. On the other side people were walking with crutches, poor people, starving people. These people were not offering help, they were asking for it. There was suffering in their faces.
“Arturo, we cannot just walk by and leave these people to suffer. We must try to help them.”
Amygdala and Arturo discovered that these people had been fighting with their neighbouring village. A feud had been going on for many years.
“But why can you not come to an agreement?” asked Amygdala. To have shed so much blood and to suffer so on both sides! I cannot understand you.”
“The world is a hard and cruel place and full of suffering,” said one of the limbless men. “Our neighbours are full of hatred, we cannot agree on peace with them.”
Amygdala and Arturo travelled on. Shortly they came to the next village. The fields were laid bare. Houses and barns had been burnt down. Limbless men walked on crutches. Arturo stopped by the roadside. A child approached him.
“Sir,” he said, “please help us. We have nothing, we are hungry.”
A woman, the child’s mother appeared. She introduced herself as the widow of the headman of the village.
“Why has all this devastation taken place?” asked Amygdala
“My husband was very brave. He fought our neighbours for years, but finally they killed him and burnt our land. It is a cruel world we live in.”
“What could you do to make peace with your neighbours, surely that would be the answer?” asked Amygdala.
“They are a wicked and cruel people. We can never make peace with them.”
Realising that they could not be of any help Amygdala and Arturo crossed back over the river and began their homeward journey. Amygdala felt she had seen enough of the world to help her understand a little more about life.
“It seems to me Arturo that people get what they expect from the world. I expect love kindness and beauty and indeed that is what I find, even outside the confines of my home. Those warring people expect hatred and suffering and that is what they get. They cannot seem to break free of it because they cannot imagine that life is possible without it. They are not willing to make the first move. They know nothing else.”
Amygdala returned to her father’s home and reported her findings.
“Ah, my child, you have discovered a Great Truth: As on the inside, so it is on the outside. May Love Peace and Harmony fill us and be with us all the days of our lives.

The story ends. Teresa the writer or channel is pondering the meaning of it. She sends it to Dinesh as requested. Dinesh immediately understands what the story is saying. The following is his interpretation, thank you Dinesh:

The story is perfect… This theme has been something that keeps returning to my mind, and I’ve been contemplating it for some time now…

What resonated with me :
The princess sees and encounters only happy, helpful people when she herself is filled with happiness and peace….

When she encounters the two villages, she herself does not feel any animosity or anger towards the people in the villages, she remains as an unaffected non-judging observer and so what she is seeing is not a reflection of her own self….

However the villagers themselves are limbless and scarred with suffering, because of how they perceive the other villagers… Similarly the other village suffers because they too feel the same about the neighboring village.

Thanks for the wonderful story, Teresa… Love it.

Om Sai Ram