This is channelled story from Calling Horse, an ancient Chief.

Law Number One:There is only one God and that is ‘The Great Spirit’

When tribes were few and far between and communication was rather poor each tribe had their own traditions and ideas about the nature of God or Gods.They worshipped the Sun and the Earth, the Sea and the Wind. The Stars were minor gods. There was indeed a heavenly confusion of gods.The question arose as to which god was the most powerful. Many an argument was aired in the quest to prove one god mightier than another.

I remember an occasion when a member of my tribe, a skilled and talented man of medicine, wished to show the tribe that the sun was mightier than the moon. This he attempted to prove by seeking the advice of some elders in the tribe who paid particular attention to the phases of the moon.

He set up a ‘competition’ between the sun and the moon at a time when he thought the moon was waning and would soon disappear. He desired to show the tribe that the land could survive without the moon, but not without the sun. Everyday the sun appeared whether the moon did or not. However he was unlucky. His elders had miscalculated and just when he had predicted that the moon would shrink and disappear it gradually began to increase night by night until one day, for a few minutes, it totally obscured the sun. The people were terrified. They knew nothing of eclipses. After the event the medicine man kept very quiet about the might of the Sun God. The tribe thought that perhaps he had angered the Gods by trying to set them up against each other.

Gradually people took to the idea of an overarching God that superseded all others. It was a popular idea because it removed the confusion and competition in peoples’ minds. No longer did they need to appease first this god and then that one. They simply gave thanks or asked the Great Spirit for help, and were content to acknowledge the One God of All.