Yoga Stories

Learning human values through stories for children and adults.

Contents List No 1

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  1. The Doll and the Snake (A short story about forgiveness for children) for 6-9 years old
  1. Ferret boy – (A story about respect for one another for 10-11 years, and Learning Disabled teens
  1. Missing the Train (A story on punctuality for teenagers)
  1. The Day the Ladder Slipped (a story about telling the truth)for 9-12 years
  1. A story about empathy. Keeping Betsy Dry. For children 5-10years
  1. Short Story about ‘Fairness’ for children 5-8years. Snuggles the guinea pig
  1. The Elephant Man. A story about being helpful, for children from 5-9 years
  1. Fish and Rice ( a story about self control and gratitude for children age 6 – 10 years
  1. A story for a very angry young girl (for 8-11yrs, dealing with anger)
  1. The Skiing Accident. A story about forgiveness (from10yrs to teens)
  1. Law No 11, A story about Cleanliness ( American Indian Tradition) for 10year olds to adult
  1. Getting on and Falling Out . A story about non-violence for primary school children 9 – 11 years old
  1. The Flood (A story about respect for others’ property) from10 years to adult
  1. A story about learning from your mistakes (for children 10-14 years) The Old Boots
  1. Story about an abandoned child (to help deal with guilt, worthlessness, loss of trust.) teens to adult
  1. Surya the Water Carrier (a story about love and respect in the family)from 6 to 10 years
  1. The Medicine Man ( A story about respect between family members) for teens and adults
  1. Story about having a guilty conscience (Bible inspired, Proverbs 28, v1)for kids 10 – 14
  1. A short yoga story on Contentment or Santosa. ‘Ramesh and the Parrot Feathers’ 8 years to adult
  1. Clowning Around (story for kids 8 -13 about teasing, sulking, attention seeking)
  1. Gopi the generous cow. A story for children of 6-10 years old
  1. Good to be me. A story for children 9-11 years old
  1. Looking after Mum (story:family members taking responsibility for helping in the home) teens to adult
  1. A Child Dies (Therapeutic story for grieving parents)
  1. Pranayama, a story to explain Breath Control to children and young people
  1. The Two Doctors (A story to promote racial harmony and doing the right thing) for 10 years to adult
  1. Being a good businessman. A story about honesty for teenagers
  1. Story About Non Violence from a Roman Soldier (for children 10-14 years)
  1. Abandoned at Birth (death of a twin) Therapeutic story for teens to adults
  1. You Can’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover. A short story for teens about respecting adults
    31  The bamboo house  about kindness to animals for age 6-11 years
    32 The circus comes to town. for for 6 -11 years
  1. A Story on Cyberbullying for Kids of 10 – 13 years
  1. A yoga story about compassion and sympathy for 10years to adult
  1. Popple the Pig and the Oinkment (fairy story about being brave and positive) for 5-7 years
  1. ‘What are step mothers really like?’ a story to help children 4-9 years
  1. The Child Who Never Was (story: help to deal with the guilt of abortion)
  1. Princess Mary Anne and the Shoes (for 4-8year olds, learning what shoes are good for you to wear)
  1. Liu Chang tries to impress (a story for children 10 years to adult)
  1. A Story about Seeing the world as a reflection of yourself ( for anyone who is a spiritual seeker, regardless of age, as requested by Dinesh)
  1. Honour and obey your father and mother (story about Spiritual Law No. 5 from the North American Indian tradition, suitable for children of 10 to 14
  1. A new baby is coming – story for 5-8year olds
  1. A story about ‘Fairness’ for children of 11-14 years (young teens) ‘Wen wants a laptop’
  1. Law 10 Do Not Touch the Poisonous Firewater (North American Indian Tradition Story) for age 10 to adult
  1. Story ‘Always in Trouble’ for children 9 to13
  1. Red Robbie ( a story for 9-11 year olds on non violence)
  1. Mother’s Quiet Time (a story about the importance of meditation)
  1. Celine, Letting Go of The Past (story about forgiveness of a deep wrong) Therapeutic story for

older teens to adult

  1. A story about ‘Changes’ for 9-10yrs (Dotty has to leave her home)
  1. A story about the importance of keeping your good name. (for children 10 -14 yrs)
  1. Gaining Strength from Inner Peace, a story about doing the right thing
  1. Speak the Truth, Keep Your Word, Third Law of the Red Man (story suitable for 10yrs to adult)
  1. The Happy Irish Fiddler . (A story about happiness for primary and secondary school children 9-15years
  1. You Shall Not Steal (story about Spiritual Law Number 8, North American Indian Lore, suitable for children from 10 to adult
  1. The Day the Car Broke Down (story about sharing: lifts, grandmas, food and time, for 9-11year olds)
  1. Ida, an African Grandmother (Story about good relationships within the family) for 10 to adult
  1. The Pebble (A story about the meaning of life) for teens to adult
  1. Law Number 12: Love your Life…Story from North American Indian Tradition, for children of 10 to adult
  1. Recovering from parental divorce (understanding childhood feelings) Therapeutic story 11years plus
  1. Story about becoming aware of feelings 1: Selfishness and Generosity, key stage 1 PHSE, suitable for children age 6-9
  1. Popple and the Golden Jelly Spoon (A fairy story for little ones)
  1. Helping people deal with change in the workplace – for adults
  1. Spiritual Laws of the Red Man (Second Law- No Idolatry) suitable for children from 10 yrs to adult
  1. The Huntsman (A short story about being too competitive) for teens to adult
  1. The Initiation of Grey Wolf. (story to illustrate the base energy centre) teens to adult
  1. Law No.1: There is only one God and that is ‘The Great Spirit’ (a story for teens and adults from North American Indian Tradition)
  1. Popple the Pig’s Day In (a fun story- about what babies and toddlers need)
  1. What a girl needs to do with her life to avoid the pain of divorce and separation.(a helpful story)
  1. Law 6, You must not commit murder (Laws of Life, North American Indian Tradition)
  1. A young man learns to meditate (A story for S S on the benefits of meditation)
  1. My sister has an admirer (A story about relationships for young teens)
  1. Giving up smoking, a story to help you do it
  1. Throat Centre Story (The Young Brave Chants to the Great Spirit) for teens to adult
  1. Story about ‘grooming’ on Facebook (and similar sites): ‘What will happen to Edah?’ ten years old to adult
  1. Empty Nest Syndrome ( a story to help overcome it) therapeutic story for mothers
  1. Deng Zhang Looks for His Father (A story about forgiveness and acceptance for kids and teens)
  1. A story about the solar plexus centre ( Native American Indian) teens to adult
  1. A Therapeutic story for widows of 50 plus. ‘Making a life’
  1. Law No 9 Do not be greedy for possessions (North American Indian Tradition)
  1. Story to illustrate the Heart Centre for teens to adult
  1. Story about ‘knowing right from wrong’- respect for animals – for children of 6-10 years
  1. Marty tests his strength ( A story about developing strength, suppleness and agility)
  1. The Boy with the Mop. (A story about making friends, for special needs teenagers)
  1. Keep the feasts, learn the dances, respect the taboos. Law No.4 (a story about Traditions of North American Indians) teens to adult
  1. The Crown Centre. A story to illustrate the use of the energy centre at the top of the head. Teens to adult
  1. The sacral energy centre, a story to illustrate…Teens to adult
  1. Be Chaste in Your Thoughts and Your Deeds (Law 7, North American Indian Tradition) teens to adult
      86. A story about life in Siberia and lack of freedom.  

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