Yoga Stories

Learning human values through stories for children and adults.


Guptananda’s Stories  – pub. 2008 – online book was taken off line when the revised edition was published in Autumn 2019, and turned into the following books:

The Great Little Book of Yoga Stories, BOOK 1, paperback and ebook, each story illustrated with black and white pen drawings. Available on, and in US on .

This book is about the Rules of Life, or Yamas and Niyamas, suitable for middle grade children, yoga students, parents and teachers.  It provides a light hearted way of teaching the moral code through stories about the Guru Guptananda.

Yoga Stories from Guru Guptananda, (BOOK 2), paperback and ebook, each story is illustrated with black and white pen drawings. It is available on 2022. and, published April 11, 2022, by Top of the Village Publishing

An audio book is coming out soon in spring/summer 2022

This book is about the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Chakras and the Gunas, it explains yoga philosophy via stories that make you smile and think, about the Guru’s life as a child and a young man.

Unpublished books, please be patient, these are written but need more attention:

Book 3, No title yet, My memoir about how, as a trained scientist and someone very sceptical of all things ‘spiritual’, life changed for me at 43. I developed various spiritual gifts, enabling me to become a channel for stories and spiritual guidance, a healer, and I started to have visions, significant dreams, and other spiritual happenings.  This book is being edited and added to at the moment (Dec 2021) I am writing it to encourage people to develop the spiritual side of themselves, as it will add immeasurably to their lives and to the lives of those around them. I think this is especially important now at the end of the second year of the Pandemic. The World is evolving rapidly due to climate change, never to be the same again.  We need as much help as we can get to deal with this crisis, and from personal experience I know spiritual help is available to us. We just need to want it and to seek it out.

Book 4, A book of Native American stories from Calling Horse, a Tribal Chief from times gone by, who gave me two sets of stories to illustrate the Laws of Life, and the Human Energy Centres. This book is written, but needs to be turned into a paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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