Guptananda’s Stories  – pub. 2008 – online book has been taken off line when the revised edition was published in Autumn 2019

The Great Little Book of Yoga Stories, BOOK 1, paperback, each story illustrated with black and white pen drawings  available on, and in US on in Autumn 2019.

This book is about the Rules of Life, or Yamas and Niyamas, suitable for middle grade children, yoga students, parents and teachers.  It provides a light hearted way of teaching the moral code through stories about the Guru Guptananda.

Yoga Stories from Guru Guptananda, (BOOK 2), paperback, each story is illustrated with black and white pen drawings. It will be available on Amazon when it is completed in Oct 2021.

This book is about the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Chakras and the Gunas, it explains yoga philosophy via stories that make you smile and think, about the Guru’s life as a child and a young man.