A new baby is coming – story for 5-8year olds

To help young children accept the idea of having a new baby brother or sister.

A New Baby is Coming

When mother told Susan that she was going to have another baby, Susan felt both pleased and concerned about the news. If her mother had a baby would she still have time for Susan? Would she love Susan just as much?

Susan was worried

Susan was worried

How could she? Surely she would have to share her love between three children instead of two and there would not be as much love for Susan? This worrying thought took Susan to her father who was busy mending the car. 

“What is the trouble, Susan? You look rather upset. Why do you frown so?” 

“Daddy,” she said. “When Mummy has the new baby, will she still love us just as much? I can’t see how she will be able to. She will have to share her love with all three of us and with you too!” 

“Ah, so that is your big problem for today. Well, Susan, certainly Mummy will have to share her time between the three of you. That is true. But love is different from time.

There are only so many things you can fit into a day, before you run out of time.

But love is different. Love is like a colour, or like the warm wind. It just is. It surrounds you, like the blue of the sky. If someone else sits next to you, you still see just as much sky, don’t you? You still feel the warm wind whether you are by yourself, or with other people. The wind is not used up because there are more people. The wind is still there just as much. 

Mummy loves you and your brother. She did not love him less when you were born. He did not lose Mummy’s love when you came along, but he gained someone else to love himself. When this baby is born, do you think Mummy will stop noticing whether you arehappy or sad? Or if you have a splinter in your finger, will she say,

‘Go away, Susan, I am loving the baby at the moment’? 

“No. She will care for you just as before. She will always love you the same because you are her daughter and you have a place in her heart. You can show her how much you love her by helping her with little jobs around the house and then she will have more time to show you how she loves you.

“So don’t worry, my girl. You will not be forgotten when this baby is born and you will discover how nice it is to love babies. You will feel a lot of love for your new brother or sister. You will find that you enjoy holding the baby and playing with it when it is big enough.

Babies are very good at loving and they love everyone who loves them. Their smiles are one of the sweetest things in the world.”

Susan smiled a big smile. She felt happy again.


1. How did you feel when you heard the story?

2. Did it remind you of anything?

3. What was Susan worried about?

4. When she told her father about it, what did he say to her?

5. Do you think mothers will love their children less when a new baby is born?

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